Thursday, 25 July 2013

MAC Haul!

My order from MAC arrived in the mail today, so I thought I'd share what I got and why. Yay!

From left to right: Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, Brow Set (Clear), Strobe Cream, Paint Pot (Let Me Pop), and six Face and Body miniatures (50mL).

I've been looking for an invisible pressed powder for ages, so I'm pretty excited to try this one out.

Brow Set is a must must must have in my kit, in fact I thought I'd lost mine the other day so tried the old hairspray on a brow brush trick but it wasn't the same. Luckily I had just left it in my on-set belt so no brows remained untamed that day.. Phew!

I love Paint Pots as a base for powder eyeshadows or on their own. They're also nice as a strong highlighter. Let Me Pop is a beautiful light copper, perfect as a base for a metallic smoky eye or as a wash of colour to combine with a wine stained lip for autumn/winter!

Face and Body is one of those must have foundation range to carry in your kit as a makeup artist. It's lightweight, water resistant formula makes it perfect for evening skin tone on the body as it won't rub off on the clothes.

You can read more about these products and purchase them online from or go into any of the MAC concept stores or counters nationally.


  1. Love the MAC stuff you got! The face and body sounds interesting, I've never tried any mac foundations before!

  2. Love your blog! Its awesome! Thanks for the info btw


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