Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Gold Fever

Without wanting to sound like I'm showing off, one of the best things about my job is that sometimes I get sent products to try and to use in my kit. Today I went to my mailbox and found a little package that contained some pieces of excitement from Illamasqua

I have blogged about my love for the Precision Ink in Alchemy before, and now I have one of my very own! Yay! 

I was also sent the most gorgeous set of #17 lashes..
Perfect for the party season!

What I love most about the Precision Ink is the colour of the gold - its not a cheap and nasty gold, its not too warm or too cool, its more like antique gold (thats actually how they describe it on the website too!). It really is the gold liquid eyeliner that you have been looking for all your life!

It also helps that its waterproof (perfect for the dancefloor), is buildable, as in you can apply it in layers until you get the oomph factor you are after (I went for 2). Its gives you that sparkly effect without the pitfalls of glitter, think of it as liquid foil rather than a glitter eyeliner. No more glitter falling all over you and your friends! Hooray!

You can use it as you would use a black liquid eyeliner and sweep it along your lashline. It would look great with a chocolaty smoky eye with a fine line of Alchemy running along your upper lashline! Try it!

Or, you could pat it on over your entire lid using a flat brush for a beautiful waterproof gold foil effect. Like so:
Allure Magazine (US). Photo by Tom Munro.

Or possibly the look I'm most excited for you to try is to do your night time eye makeup as per usual, then lightly pat it on the inner corners of your eyes like this:
CK by Calvin Klein Beauty. Photo by David Sims.

Easy, right? I know what makeup looks I'll be wearing once the festive season really kicks in.. er, next week! Eek!
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