Monday, 20 August 2012

Illamasqua's Fight for a Fair Beauty Price in Australia

If you've ever bought makeup overseas or waited for a friend or family member to go on holidays to bring you back some makeup because its so much cheaper than buying it in Australia, then this is a bandwagon you should be jumping on!

"Australian retail is dying", we keep hearing on the news. Is it any wonder when it costs us so much more (61% more according to Illamasqua founder, Julian Kynaston) for the exact same product if went down to our local store or beauty counter and buy it than if we get it overseas or online? Personally I'd prefer to keep my Aussie dollars in the country, but when those Aussie dollars will go so much further overseas, its tempting to jump online and spend them there!

Take a moment to watch this video of Illamasqua founder Julian Kynaston. He does a better job of explaining it than I can!

If this is something that you believe in or would like more information about, click on the link below, and while you're there don't forget to sign the petition! It only takes a minute and could do so much good!

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