Friday, 1 April 2011

Product Love - Naked Cosmetics Pigments

I've been using these pigments so much lately that I thought you should know about them too!

Naked Cosmetics is the purest, most natural line of Cosmetics that exists!* The Color Collections are 100% oxidized mica...a mineral.  Contains no talc, oils, waxes or other fillers.  100% color!  The colors can be used as Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Blush, Bronzer, Hair highligher...and much much more.    NO ANIMAL TESTING. No Parabens added.

I have been using the Mother Nature Colour Collection, which contains 6 gorgeous colours that are really beautiful and warm and would look good on any skin tone - trust me I've tried them on lots of different people over the past few months, models, brides, friends, even myself!

The best part about these is the richness of the colours. Because they are pure pigment, you get a really great depth, which you can apply as much or as little of as you want. You can use them wet or dry, mix them with lip gloss or balm, mix them with each other, mix them with your moisturiser and use them on your body.. The possibilities are really endless! They also come in matte shades as well as shimmer!

They blend nicely, and don't give you much fallout, which a lot of loose pigments are inclined to do. They're not the pigment that floats all around you as you apply it to yourself, nor are they the pigment that finds its way onto your cheeks when you were aiming for the eyes!

Oh, and look at how many colours there are to choose from!!

Want to know more? Check out the Naked Cosmetics Australia website (which is under construction, but has a contact email) or go straight to the Facebook page, where you can see all the pictures that I have used in this post, plus lots more - they even have a shop.
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