Tuesday, 27 July 2010

1 Shoot 3 Ways

I recently found out that a shoot that I worked on has been published.. for the THIRD time!

So I thought that I would share all 3 versions with you. It's interesting how the publication tailors the shoots to suit the needs of their magazine.

So the first time the shoot was published was in the March 2009 issue of magazine Flair Italia. We were all very excited because it's such a beautiful fashion magazine.

I couldn't seem to find a direct link to the magazine, not sure if they have a website - if anyone can find it please email me :)

Anyway, here's what they did with it:

If I'm really honest, I was a tiny bit disappointed, as they had cut off a lot of the makeup! But its always nice to see your work published, so it was ok!

We then found out that the editor of UK magazine Anglomania wanted to use the story. Here's how they used the story for their June 2009 issue:

This is my favourite version, for the main reason that it was a six page, printed editorial (yay!).

Finally, UK-based online magazine FLAIRNOW has just published the story. You can see it online here. Here's their version:

Which version do you prefer and why? I'd love to know!

PS I have recently seen an almost exact copy of this shoot - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Hmm.. ;)

Photography: Alex Leonhardt
Fashion: Polly Errington
Hair: Viktoria Modesta
Makeup and Manicure: Vanessa Collins
Model: Belle Lindman @ D1 London


  1. When you say "story", do you mean the second and third publishers also run the full editorial from the first mag? Or do you just mean the pics? I know, I know, the photos tell a story.


    PS Come to Tumblr.

  2. oh wow - bloody fantastic miss V !!!!
    i think the flair is the strongest - the tight shot makes it more powerful although not so much cropping on the face i must agree with u there ;0)


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